Much Road Left to Travel

As Americans we are told that we are equal beings.  If that is so, why has the history of education in this country, been such a contentious one?  From infancy, we are told that education is the key.  We are constantly reminded that high school graduates earn more than dropouts.  That college graduates earn more than high school dropouts.  Yet, education remains unequal for the most part.  Why is this?  As an educator, I believe that everyone is entitled to an education.  Regardless of their color or creed.  Sadly, education statistics show that not all educators live by this creed.  Who has the right to say who can learn and who can’t?  None of us have that right!  If America is to remain competitive with the other industrialized nations of the world, we must come to accept, and embrace education for all.  Just because students live in certain communities, should not mean that they are no less important, in terms of the education they receive.  Yes, the history of education in America has been a sad and contentious one.  From Brown vs. The Board of Education, to Governor George Wallace in Alabama, to desegregated busing, equality in education has come with a price.  And while we have come a long way, there is indeed, much road left to travel.

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